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Acceptance, Agreement, Terms, Conditions

Your participation is subject in all respects to acceptance of and compliance with all of the terms and conditions established by the Company and set forth below in the following numbered paragraphs:

  1. The Company will hold monthly meetings of your Chapter unless circumstances beyond its control prevent any such monthly meeting from being held. The Company will have no liability to you or anyone else if a monthly meeting does not occur.
  2. The Company will select and secure the place for the monthly meetings and set the monthly meeting time; however, the place and time of a monthly meeting can change if the Company gives notice to members of a Chapter reasonably in advance of the scheduled monthly meeting. That notice may be provided by e-mail at the election of the Company, and shall be sent to the e-mail or physical address then existing for you in the Company's files. If the Company changes the location of the meeting, the new location will be within a reasonable distance of the prior meeting place.
  3. The duration of each monthly meeting is expected to be approximately 90 minutes in length; however, the actual length of a meeting will be determined in the reasonable discretion of the Company and may change depending on varying circumstances.
  4. Membership in a Chapter will be selective and is intended to be a privilege, but active participation and attendance is expected. Chapter members should plan to arrive at the meetings promptly and to participate in a cooperative and productive manner throughout the course of each and every meeting with the intention of contributing value. During each twelve month period, Chapter members are expected to attend not less than 8 of the 12 scheduled monthly meetings, and should not miss 2 consecutive monthly meetings. Should a Chapter member abuse or materially violate the rules of participation as described above, then membership privileges can be revoked at the option of the Company. In such event, the Company would have the right to fill a vacancy in the Chapter. Under no circumstances is a Chapter member entitled to receive a credit or refund for any fees paid, which fees are nonrefundable after payment to the Company.
  5. The size of a Chapter will vary, but the Company will use its best efforts to keep the size of any Chapter to not more than 40. Because the exact number of members within every Chapter cannot be fixed, the Company will not have any duty, liability or obligation to any member for variations in the size of a Chapter during the term of membership.
  6. During the term of membership and participation in activities of the Chapter as well as other activities sponsored by the Company, Chapter members will maintain and preserve the confidentiality of information that is received during participation as a member to the extent required to comply with applicable, Federal, state and local laws and regulations, including without limitation all applicable laws relating to securities trading and compliance and government contracts. Additionally, if a Chapter member or guest participating in a meeting prefaces any statement or statements with the request or warning that the information furnished is confidential or proprietary and not for public dissemination or is otherwise restricted because of the pendency of any legal or administrative proceeding, Chapter members agree to preserve the confidentiality of that information and refrain from using or repeating the information unless and until that information is publicly available.
  7. In consideration of acceptance by the Company as a member, followed by participation as a Chapter member in accordance with these Terms and Conditions, a Chapter member (i) assumes the risk of participation in monthly meetings and any other Company-sponsored activities or programs, (ii) releases and discharges the Company from all responsibility, obligation or liability resulting from that participation, (iii) acknowledges and confirms that the Company is not making and will not make any promises or representations as to financial benefit or success, safety or danger in connection with any member's participation in any Company-sponsored activity or program, (iv) acknowledges that the Company has the discretion to select members of each Chapter following application for membership and (v) indemnifies the Company and its parents and affiliates from all liabilities arising from participation in monthly meetings and any other Company-sponsored activities and programs.
  8. Membership in a Chapter of the Company also includes participation in the Company's production of certain video and/or audio programs, clips, segments or biographical or background presentations (the "Networking Segments"). These Networking Segments may be of any length in any media and are voluntary and fully consensual on the part of a member. By accepting membership in the Company and agreeing to participate in a Chapter, a member grants to the Company (and any affiliate of the Company) permission to use the member's name, photographic and/or video likeness, voice, member biographical and industry information and statements made or information supplied by a member, and all of the foregoing in whole or in part (i.e. edited or excerpted as determined by the Company), in any and all present and future media, in perpetuity. The Company will own all right, title and interest in the Networking Segments and any related copyrights thereto and the Networking Segments will be the exclusive property of the Company.
  9. Membership in the Company is absolutely personal and cannot be assigned or transferred. If a member resigns, the Company will have full discretion in choosing who may become a new member of the Chapter from which a member has resigned. If a resignation occurs, the Company has no obligation to refund any portion of the fees paid to the resigning member.
  10. These Terms and Conditions are an agreement with the Company that is governed by and enforceable under the laws of the State of California.